Sunday, January 14, 2018
Desiree's 1st Birthday Cake Smash shoot with Ashley Low Photography
I wanted to celebrate the special moment of Desiree turning 1 hence I've decided on doing this Cake Smash Photoshoot for her with Ashley Low. I've been looking around for a photographer before she turns one and I've decided on Ashley Low Photography because I've seen many good reviews on her service as well as the photos she've taken.
Ashley is a female photographer who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, she also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families. 

After some discussion with Ashley on the theme, I've decided on a pink background with some pompoms and balloons for the Cake Smash shoot which was perfect because pink is my favourite colour !!

 For Cake Smash Shoot, there are some of the things to take note and prepare before the actual day. Before our actual shoot day, Ashley prep us on the things to bring and also how we should get our little one mentally ready for the shoot.

We were told that Babies will be unfamiliar with different kinds of texture hence it will be better if we give her some cream texture stuffs to play with before her actual shoot. Because we were told that there are Babies who didn't dare to smash the cake and were feeling uneasy with the cream texture, this will affect the photo outcome.

First taste of the cake.....

I shall try a few more mouth....

Hmmm...I think this is not for me, hahhaha

Ewww, what's this ?

How do I get rid of the creams ?

And Desiree's reaction was really unexpected for us. Because she loves food and we thought upon seeing the cake she would dig into it without hesitation. But I guess you can see it from her facial expressions, hahahaa

It wasn't easy to capture Desiree's smile at all because she was feeling uneasy sitting infant of the cake but Ashley managed to make her smile !! Which was really impressive because I didn't even know how to make her smile.

Some memorable cranky shots too, hahahah

This pretty Big CupCAKE prepared for her is according to the theme and it's definitely safe for babies. It it also made eggs free because some babies are allergy to eggs, so to prevent allergy reaction, Ashley would ask us if there's any ingredients to avoid.

I feel that having a Cake Smash shoot is a must for our little one to celebrate their 1st birthday and most importantly is for them to have fun during the shoot.
For Mummies who are more particular about the mess afterwards. Not to worry at all !! Over at, Ashley Low Photography, there's an attached bathroom with all your baby essentials for you to take help your little one take a warm shower. After the shoot,  Desiree has a nice warm bath before heading back home.
Ashley also have some outfits for us to choose from for this Cake Smash shoot, which also means that.......we need not need to wash it ourselves after the mess. HAHAHAHA.
I think after all Desiree really enjoyed herself and it's definitely a great experience for her !

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at:
Visit her website for more details!

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