Friday, September 3, 2010
Wednesday was teacher's day.

I brought my lil sister out.
Too much to say, I just made a mess out of myself.


Had my Maths paper2 & Physic paper.
I didn't manage to finish my maths paper though ):
Not enough time ! Physic paper was rather unusual to me, i don't know why.
After the papers we went to Amk hub, eateateat ! Ate ice-cream & we went dessert house too ! Then went back to school for Art ! ):

Today was Biology & Physic practical.
It was tough for me though, i was so damn lost !
I think i'm so gonna flunk my practical as well, urgh.
After the practical we went for ice-cream & Koi again (:

And obviously i went back for Art AGAIN !
After my Art I went to look for these lovely Babess !!!
I get to see them after THREE MONTHS AGAIN ! OMG, TIME FLIES.
The places we went, the food we ate..

I always gets very crazy when I'm with all of you, hahaha !

I feels so dirty, but it's okay.
Most importantly i get to see all of you, really miss all of you alot !
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