Friday, October 29, 2010

I feel so blessed.
Although these days were tired, irritating, stress & days were like real challenging..
Study study & only study..
I've never study for such long hours before, so Olevel period was real different for me..

But with mummy around, I somehow learn to see things from a different perspective.
I learn to take things step by step, I learn not to complain so much although I still complains alot ^^
If I don't have to take these major exams, I don't mind studying.
Cause during these period of time I felt specially taken care of, mummy will do everything nicely for my sister & I.
Like everything lil things..from foods, clothes, transport to those moral support..
Felt real grateful for all these, but at the same time..afraid of the disappointment I might bring.
Though mummy say there's no a need to compare, she ask me to try my best..but I'll be so guilty if I can't get into the course I want...
Mummy, sorry if I couldn't give you the best like what you've given me..
I will try my best................

You So Damn Awesome, Love You.

And..Mummy brought these for us (:
Really, thanks for everything you've done ^^
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