Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy sweet sixteen to my.....sisterrrrrrr ^^
Hope you like our little celebration with you ! Due to Olevels..

Hope you like these colourful ones ^^

She is the little ballerina (:
I sew her, so she is unique ^^

16Cupcakes & 16piece puzzle of me with answer attached ! Represents these 16years ! (:

PSLE over, where's my present ?

So stupid, use lighter also can burn until my nails !
still got the burning smell ! Hahaha, and now it looks so ugly.
And sorry that the cupcake roll down the stairs !
It's okay, you still have 15 other cupcakes ^^
And sorrysorry ! It's not my wrong orders ! It's the person give me the wrong order ):

I am your stupid sister, really very stupid one.
Hope you like this little celebration.
Sorry ! I know it's not a good one though ):
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