Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Today finally the lasts day of school !!
However it's not goodbye, it just marks the start of an end.
I'll miss classroom periods..

I'll miss those laughter with that worm, times I sat together with Bee, times I had those torturous lessons with Jocelyn, times I had Geography lessons with BB, times I get to sit with Idiot, times I get to take train with Carmen and all the rest of the times I had with the rest of my friends.

This worm so cute right !
BOOKWORM, but doesn't likes book ! Ran away from it and got caught ^^

And these cute stuffs are given by Bee.
She laminated a photo for us too, love you alot Bee !

But I'm happy still, because I don't have to play hide & seek anymore !
I don't have to be tired of giving reasons and being called out.
Yayyyyyy, it's finally over ! 5years, what a relieve.
After Olevel, I guess everything would be much better.
I can't wait I can't wait !
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