Friday, October 1, 2010
Yesterday's Graduation service !!

A little happy, but..sad..
Happy that i'll be leaving this school, getting away with the fears.
But sad that i'm leaving my friends.
But it's not goodbye, it's just another start of a new beginning.
We can still meet up, and we're friends forever (:

Look at those fading memories.
I'll go back and retrieve it if i could.

As well as, Happy Children's Day.
Though i'm no longer part of the children's day celebration.
But this seems like the best children's day present for me, really didn't expect I'll get it though.

Thanks Constance for this little bag of sweet.
Such sweet thoughts ! Love you ! ^^

Just wish that even though all of us will be parting..
We'll leave as a whole, we shouldn't be going our own ways..
Cause, really, no matter what happens.
To me, all of you are still bunch of girls that are really close to me throughout these years.

Angelina, Abigail, Carmen, Constance, Jocelyn, Mandy, Pamela.
It's throughout these five years, no matter who's together first or what.
Till now, till the very end, all of us should be together.
Cause all of us once share a part of a wonderful memories..
You know you know you know, love all of you so much.

Also, the class i enjoyed being with the most..
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