Tuesday, December 20, 2011
18th Dec

Had dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen with Sister & Mummy.
Didn't had appetite that day, so the food taste ew to me.

19th Dec

BFF & Sour Sally !!!!
Sour Sally is one of my favourite frozen yogurt (:

Went to watch Twilight with B & Sisters.
Love the show !

And I finally got back my results !
But it's badly done that I don't dare to reveal !!
Still I'm so glad that I passed all three modules !!! God bless me !!!
Cause I spent my study week in the hospital, I really merely write thru the day before.
Sem 3 is bad, I was busy playing doing school days, all those nonsense and all.
Totally not studying, and I kind of gave up studying cause it's just too much for me to remember. But great, I passed. Relieved*
Gotten work harder for my Sem4 !!! Two more Sems to go !!!
I must get over and done with (:
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