Friday, January 20, 2012
CNY is in 3days time !!
How fast ?! Don't even feel like it's CNY.

Always wanted to set up blogshop as some of my friends often want to get clothes or shoes from me.
But I've to get through my Mummy, asking her to get this and that change this and that.
It's really time for me to do all these myself in this new year I guess.
I've been looking for a shop !
Asked for a shop at Bishan but they don't have one now, so guess I'll be waiting for one
Either Bishan or Cine ? Do drop me a comment at my Cbox or something to let me know the preferred location ?
But whenever it comes down to planning and all i'll want to give it up.
Ugh how ! Dilemma~

After my dental appointment yesterday, every of my tooth are like aching today.
I can hardly bite ! So I had lots of grapes & only grapes !

This lil kitty face this damn cute right.
It's given by my sweet sister last night (:

The crazy buy !

What does there look like ? When I first saw it I was quite shocked cause it's damn big !

And these are the amount of fruits Daddy bought back for us !

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