Wednesday, January 4, 2012
First day of school for me !
Dint go school on the 3rd cause I went back to Mt Alvernia for follow up..
The doctor say my leg can only touch down lightly for this whole week, then more pressure for the next 10 days.
And oh ya ! I did my manicure too ! New set ! Happy girl !!
It's so pretty and I like it so much !!

If you girls wanna have nails like me, contact my manicurist !!
The promo ends on 12th for my readers ! ^^

But...cause I'm going to school, I refuse to bring along my crutches.
It's so retarded, so I started walking like...crippled ? Hahahaa..

I've learnt my way to drive to school ! Yayyyy !
Thou I'm driving to school, there's still quite a distance for me from the carpark to my lecture hall. Ugh.
But the best part is no public transport for me !
Reached home in like 20-30mins ? Which is awesomeeeeee ^^
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