Sunday, January 8, 2012
It's the second week of school already !
I kept reminding myself to start project work early early early for every sem.
This time I think I did it a lil earlier ^^
Cause my legs just can't get me far, so I won't be hopping around town that often already !

What I do everyday ?
Do project with Bunny in the morning, head to school, then back home.
Either teaching, out for dinner like today.........
Went to HK cafe then Bakerzin !
or I'll just laze around or plan for somthing.
Life is still as busy as before, which is a good thing (:

And I'm really starting to walk already !!! I'm throwing away my wheelchair & crutches !! Hahaha.
Feels so good to be able to walk again, really, I...miss being able to walk !

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