Sunday, March 11, 2012
And after years, I know time flies..
For those who kept up with me, I got my diploma for manicure in 2009 when I was 16.
And this year 2012, it's like 3 years ? Then I decided to take the manicure examination !!

It's really a rush for me if you read my previous post saying how much I've to rush to complete..
So I finally managed to rush through everything, will be the day !

And my model shall be my Chewy Bunny !!
Really got to thank her for making the effort to wake up early in the morning !!
As early as 7, to travel down here with me !
And even waited for like more than an hour for me to end my theory test !!

Can you can you spot me in the photos ? ^^
Did you spot a guy ?
Yup, you dint see wrongly ! It's a guy !!
At first I was quite shocked that a guy is willing to let the girl do manicure on him, then after that I realised that he is my friend !!! In a shock*

After everything has ended....
I think..I'll fail ? Hahaha..

I love my apron !
Cause it's like custom made myself ^^
CANNOT SEE FROM THE PHOTOS ): iPhone too lousy..
I did puffy pouch at the front so I could put my phone or whatever when I'm doing manicure :D
Then I even bling it, sew it with beads and lace !
Looking back, I think I was probably too free !!

Met up with J in the night, cause he'll be flying off to Thai in two days time ):
Had piggyback rides again !!

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