Saturday, March 24, 2012
Saturday is one damn long day for me that I felt like I lived for 2 days instead.

Not having enough sleep, cause I slept at like 6 am ? Ok, so much for torturing myself.
I woke up at 10 for dance !! I can actually skip it but so much for my love for it !!
Belly dance first, I'm feeling retarded doing the moves cause I felt like I'm not awake yet !!
Then had pole dance, totally love the fun swings but it's really not easy !
Cause you really need to have the strength, like the right strength, grabbing the pole too tightly makes you stuck on the pole like some Koala bears~

Then after dancing till 3 30pm, went to town to get stuffs ! Then back to raffles, I was already late but stupid me took the wrong train !! Ugh, dreamer. Met Bunny for Hunger games !!! Supposed to have din at Skinny pizza but cause I was late so we couldn't ): Sorry Bunny ! It's quite an interesting show but I still prefers romance, hahaa.

Aftermath, headed to Liang court to meet the girls then to Helipad for Genevie's birthday celebration !!!
It was really a fun night with all the girls, love y'all !
Nixie makes me feel like shit beside her !!! She's gorgeous !!

More photos soon !
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