Tuesday, May 1, 2012
April ended real fast.
It's the start of May and finally we could all gather for a simple dinner out (":
I LOVE PH !!! But it doesn't really makes a diff if it falls on a weekend so I'm gonna give myself another one on the following Monday (:
No school day ^^
And I've completed one month of lectures !!! Half of it being taught but i'm still kind of lost.
I need to buck up !!!!

But I just feels super tired, dragging my lazy body to school everyday.
I hope everything ends fast, can't wait for my getaway with Bunny.

Something else but not DTF ?
But DTF it's still like the best for us ^^

Try the new sinful choco orgins !!
Busy schedule sucks ! Cause it's taking away some of the good times we could have together !

Sometimes I feel that time is moving too fast that I could hardly feel the changes around me, I feel so breathless.
It'll be good if we could slow down our pace a lil, feel a lil more, care a lil more & love a lil more.

Cause you'll never know when you'll lose the person that actually means the world to you, but you just didn't realise when you have it, it's only until you lose it.
So start to realise & learn how to cherish, just like time, once you lose it, you can't retrieve it back.

It's always good to turn around for some comforts.
Something to anticipate after an exhausted week ? Wouldn't it make your tiring days even more worthwhile ?

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