Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm finally back to blogging again !!!
Was away since 9th till 22th of June, which is this morning for a getaway.
So I've neglected my blog for this long !!!

Again, allow me to change the dates to make up for the past posts (:

The box of sushi Sis made for me !!!
Nicely packed in my kitty box, so satisfying !! has been quite some time ever since I blog about my new nail designs !!!
Each time I'm loving the new designs I got even more !!!
For this season it's floral prints !!! I removed my extensions for something new and somethings that's more welcoming than my sharp and pointy nails ? (:

It is better this way ? (:

The colours totally matches my room colour, bedsheet & my blanket ! (:

Lunch before working on my nails (:

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