Sunday, October 20, 2013
3D2N Staycation at MBS for my sis's bday !

Alcohol Buffet at The Club, free flow of alcohol, drink until you puke~
But it's at a weird timing thou, 5-7pm who would really drink at this hour ? Smart ?

Healthy Breakfast
No, definitely ate way more than this :x
Breakfast at The Club was awesome !

In preparation~

So glad that everything turns out to be pretty alright, big thanks to all who helped me out.
Else with me alone, it wouldn't be a successful one.

My own post celebration with her, hahaa :x
At Mount Faber, with very nice view !!
But it was quite a failed one because the restaurant I wanted to go is closed for the day due to some wedding ceremony ):
So we went to some other bar nearby there....

Don't usually like Candid photos

Finally it ended...
I'm a super super fickle minded person no matter what decision i'm making, a super terrible one.
I think i'm the worst one ever~
It always took me extra efforts to plan out or to decide on something, so the whole bday celebration really took me quite some time to plan & organize it...even thou at the end of the day it's not an awesome one ?
After everything's over, I just felt super relieved !!

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