Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cafe Hopping is my favourite pass time !!
Nope, I should say it's regardless if I have time~
Had both of this and i think it's good !!
Especially the Mentaiko pasta, it's pretty rare.
And their custard lava cake is good !!
It's like having "liu aha bao" but this time round, the it's the lava choco cake version !!
It taste surprisingly good !!

Five & Dime
                                                 297 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238338
                                                                         9236 5002

My first visit to Akashi Japanese Restaurant over at Paragon.
& no doubts i'll be back for more !!!
Had one of the tastiest cha soba !! Their food just taste so fresh !!
The sushis looks normal but it's damn good !!

Saveur @FarEastPlaza
Everyone was raving about the duck confit here so, even thou I'm not a meat lover, I decided to give it a try (:
Will not be coming back here again.
All these I've tried aren't to my likings.
Guess the food are not hot enough for me.
Most people had the pasta and after trying it, i think there's nothing special..
Overall, it's just that the price here is very reasonable !

Love you Beary muchhhh !

Clubbing with the sis !!

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