Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello Feb, hopefully it'll be a fab Feb cause Jan have been a pretty bad month for me.
Ended my Jan with a passionate 💋......on my B's car sigh !! WHY IS IT NOT MY CAR !! CRIES*
I feel so depressed about it thou...somewhat I feel that it's not my fault since he bang me from the back. But I'm feeling really stressed up cause unlike the past, I feel like I'm all alone…
Remember the past 2 accidents I had, it was my fault. But I don't even feel the stress even thou I bang the bus while turning out from a small lane and another time I bang someone from the back due to a sudden break.
Now i realised how blessed I was to have people backing me up, telling me it's just a minor accident, so long I'm fine…
This time round things are really different and I hate it…

Let's put all the bad stuffs aside  Always loving my eyes even without eye make up cause Jossie from Eyestalk did it well all the time 😍👀 If you haven't make your appt, quick do so nowwww !!
8408 5485 
Pretty shades of lip colour 💋, I'm using LovelyKordoo's "My Lip Tint Pack" in BUBBLE PINK 💓 Super in love with the natural shade of colour on my lips that last throughout the whole day !!
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