Friday, July 23, 2010

22 hours 20 minutes.
Yesterday was like the happiest day ever i spent with my Precious Baobao.

We went for a picnic at Marina Barrage, then we went to Town.
Ion for that bubble tea, Taka for ice-cream & Auntie Anne & 313 for honeydew soymilk ^^
We seems to eat alot, just go round & round for our favorite foods XD
And after that we went to buy 2pairs of similar earrings.

Though the time we had together wasn't that long as I've always wanted, but we really spent a fruitful day together.
It's not about the amount of time, it's the person that makes the differences.

A friend comforts me when I'm are down, supports me when I struggle, and celebrates when I succeed. But a BEST friend like you feels pain when I'm hurt and holds me as we cry together, walks with me very step as I struggle, and rejoices with me at every success.

I love you like mad, I know matter what, we are always close in the heart & will always stay close in the heart.

I enjoyed the time s we spent laughing hard like a mad girl, eating like a glutton, giggle like nobody's business, shop like a shopaholic, bitch like a bitch,

& sleeping together on a little bed ^^
I know you are different from the others.

Meet up w Jervis & co as well !
Was at 313 then we headed to Newton Circles (:

I love all of you, I don't wish to get separated from all of you next year..
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