Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sadness Overwhelmed.

Went for Art class in the morning.
I've yet to start on my canvas and I've no much time left.
I'm really veryvery worried, I don't know where should I start from.
And i'm just so negative about everything, that's why I'm so stuck that I can't move anymore.
I'm not very good at drawing, I took Art at that time because I've no choice !!!
I seriously hate it ! The feeling is like really being forced to draw even if you can't draw !
I'm sucha perfectionist that I wants all my drawing to look exactly like the pictures but i just can't do it !!!
I gets so flare up that it's to my limit and I just can't stop tearing.
Thinking about all the things that are undone ! I really feel like giving up !
But I'm still doing nothing about it. Why am I like that ? Why ?
I really need to pray very hard..I need guidance, I'm all lost again....

Thanks to my smart, cute & pretty girl !
Insist on meeting me ! She knows too well that she's able to make me laugh.

So we went to spent a little time together.
But it's happy enough though (:
We went to buy our favorite Koi, then I accompany her to Yoshinoya for lunch and we also had our favorite Yami Yogurt !
Go try the WinterMelon flavour w fruity pebbles ! I like ! And the colours of the fruity pebbles can cheer you up !

And lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!
Though i met up with you a day later, but it doesn't mean that my love for you is any lesser okay !
I still love you alot and will always love you alot ! Bestfriend ! Hahaha !
Never fail to laugh and become jelly with you ! I know I always throw your face XD
But thanks for making me laugh & always being here for me !
I love you to the max !
I know you know ! And I'm only waiting for your answer, lol !! Winkwinkwink**
I'm sorry that I'm late, but i hope you will understand ! I'm damn sorry ! ):
Please forgive meeeeeeeeeee ! Extra love for you k ! MUACK !
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