Friday, August 20, 2010
S I N F U L !

Gave school amiss.
Decided to study with BB & Cons early in the morning !
Went for mac breakfast, look at our 'just wake up face'.

We tried to study there till as long as we could but it's really too noisy for us to stay on !
So we went to Starbucks while waiting for the library to open at 11 (:
Eventually the library was fully occupied, awww !
So we went.........

Whole table of papers & books, as if so hardworking.

Study for a few more hours and we couldn't stay on again.
But today the main distraction was.........BAOBAO !
Her suggestions were great, lol.
Anything but not studies.
So we went to Thai Restaurant to eat some dessert.

And then Baobao suggest to go Amk for Popeye (:

Should go and try their mash potato & biscuit ! I think it's niceeee (:

After Popeye we went to have this milk pudding & apple.

Another day passed by.
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