Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Where's my heart ?

I think I've lost my heart.
I just feels so stressed up.
I rather use my time to cry, whine, scream, jump, bite, beat, kick than doing any other more productive things.
Why am I like that, why am I doing all the things that are not beneficial to myself ?
I feels so screwed up.
I've no sense of direction, where to go & what to do.
What am I thinking ?
Wants to study but 3/4 of my heart is on my Art, coming to Art..
Working on it it's like not within my means & time just flew pass too quicky for me to realize.
What is all these ? Why do I have to overcome all these alone ?
'I've got itchy hands ! I wish I could rewind time !'
This feeling is like a mental torture.
I seriously feels like flying.

I've lost my way again..
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