Thursday, December 15, 2011
My tutee came over my place, and I started my first manicure class with his sister !
I was quite nervous at first ! But afterall it's not that bad (:

Wanted to catch Alvin & the Chipmunks with lil sis but when we reached there, it's already full !
Uh so sad...
So we went to Gelare for our favourite waffle !!
I love the combination !! Waffle, cookie & cream, whipped cream & maple syrup !
But I like it served separately xp

Then we had dinner at Dian Xiao Er.
Among all the dishes I only like this the most ^^
Cause I just don't really like Chicken, Duck, Pork...

And then had our dessert at some dessert shop, yay favourite ! ^^

Caught the midnight show "Immortals" with J, Sis & B !
Tired strengthless girlllll, the moment I got up from my seat I was so giddy that I couldn't even walk properly with my crutches.
Being one-legged is really.....torturous !!!

My updates are like always about food uh ! FATTTTSSSS
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