Saturday, December 10, 2011
When I was asked to do an event at Zouk out, I was quite excited !
Was really looking forward to it !
But damn, I broke my leg so I really couldn't be there anymore ):
At first, I wanted to force myself there but it'll be quite pointless since I can't walk.
It's not that I can't walk ! I think I can !
But the doctor constantly remind me not to pressurize my foot ):

Really don't know how long time will heal it !!
Because, my condition is quite bad.
The metals inside i making me scared ! I hate my leg ! It can never be as strong.
And because of this stupid leg, I can't attend any event for this month.
I can't attend my Pole dance class & I can't go for me Waltz competition this Jan.

Had our dinner at Watami ! Love the foods there too ^^

Can't leave out desserts for every meals !

Home sweet home (:

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