Thursday, January 12, 2012
Bunny's sister went to Korea.
So Bunny got some foods to share ! The packagings are damn cute.

Our DMS are coming to an end.
Ending at around June. So we decided to plan for our next destination !
We decided to pursue a degree in UOL, just nice we kind of like the same course.
Which is a good thing, really hope we could stick together till the end ! ^^

DMS was quite tiring throughout, so since it's ending in June, or bridging course starts at July, we decided to reward ourselves by planning a trip to Taipei !
I'm really looking forward to it with Bunny ! And we've already started planning for it !
Had been wanting a getaway but it's just too bad that I kind of lose my leg for quite some time..

I can't waittttttttt !
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