Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Day 3 of cny, happy 16th month to us & not forgetting our honey bee's 3rd anniversary !

Somewhere between stupid arguments & silly laughters.
Things that are worthwhile never comes so easily....

Remember that day I cried a thousand times, I told you my everything, you know my feelings..
It never crossed my mind there would be a time for us to say goodbye.
What a big surprise..
These feelings I can't shake no more, I can feel it falling down.
And I'm not coming back around, it's getting harder to pretend.
I'm not coming back around again....

You're my best friend as well as my lover.
I don't know which side of you I enjoy most..

Daddy said, the first time you fall in love changes you..
No matter how hard you try, the feeling won't go away..

Still wanna hold you so close.
Love you dear, always xx
No matter how much arguments we had come by, it doesn't change my love for you.

We were walking by this store of iPhone covers and I was looking at it.
J ask me if I wanna get covers, and I said I want a bumper instead.
Previously I already saw this bumper that i like it alot online, but since I don't quite like to get stuffs online, I decided to wait till I see it around in the mall...
Then J, dig this pretty bumper from he's bag and pass it to me.
I was in a shocked at the point of time !
"How he know I wanted this?"
"YAY this's the best for me!"
"Awww, I love it so much!"
"Thanks dear!"

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