Thursday, February 9, 2012
Another awesome day with my favourite loves.
The best part is actually to give lecture a miss !! Heheheheee
Then Bunny accompany me to renew my passport, and we headed to Bugis as it had been quite some time since I went there..
I think it has been years since I walked around there..

Walk around, went to "Everything with fries" ice-cream & desserts ! The sweet tooth bunnies.

Lil bites and tried this Soyato, we both like it ^^

Then Bunny got to go for work ):
So I am gonna wait for her.
But......someone wants to keep me accompanied !!!

Then after walking around the whole town, i went to meet bunny and he went to meet the guys.

Had dinner at Marche with Bunny, then settle down at Starbucks to try out their new drink !
The "Soy Greentea Latte" it's quite nice but I still prefer Greentea Latte ^^

Where to spend your Wednesday night ? (:
Aquanova > Rebel > Zirca with the girls

Really had a great time with the girls.
It's some quality time we had together after long hours of work together !
We study hard together, laugh hard and play hard together !

And I actually stayed over at Bunny's place, my first stay over at someone's place.
She say it's our trial sleeping for our TP trip ! Hahahaa
Really can't wait for our TP trip !!!! Can even feel the thrill while planning for it !
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