Monday, February 6, 2012
Sent Mummy off to instock in the morning.
Then had Long John for breaky with Bunny !
Our all time favourite french toast !

Reached school at quite an early time then was so reluctant to attend lecture !
I was lying in the car half dead...
Lectures are so boringgggg !

After lecture !!!...................
Driving to town really too me quite some time ):
Hate how I don't know my directions...


These two pretty photos are edited by her !!

So we finally had an impromptu decision to meet up after so long.
Thank god we managed to spend some time together despite of busy schedule !
Went to "Pique Nique" a newly open cafe, for dinner ! ^^
The ambience was quite good there, we had a few hours of heart to heart talk.


First time driving her around, getting a lil crazy in the car with her !

And this cute lil thing is given by bee !
It's small and cute just like her, and it changes colour like a rainbow, cheerful like her !

And one thing for sure, we'll never drift apart (:

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