Sunday, February 26, 2012
Econs paper will be in 1 day's time !!! Scream*
I'll be taking my paper on a Tuesday morning !!
Gonna study like mad cause I just can't afford to fail !!
So afraid that I'll be in deep shit. Cause my Econs is way too lousy.
It's so difficult you know !!!
Oh ya, I've gotten back my CA results.

Finance: A
Econs: BIG C

Pretty satisfied with Finance & OTQM but definitely not Econs !
I'm not that capable of this results, it's cause I've super awesome groupmates !

Despite doing stacks of notes for Econs, it doesn't help ):
Nothing goes in, looking at the exam papers really makes me....cold sweat...
Wish that there's some kind of magic potion that can make me smarter !
Or to make me remember the things I should remember and forget the things that's taking up space inside !
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