Friday, March 2, 2012
Exams are finally over !!! I'm free from those late nights, early mornings and those annoying lecture notes !!!
Couldn't explain the feeling when I walked out of the lecture hall knowing that I've been thru Sem 4 !! One more Sem, please don't get hard on me ):

Yesterday was the last day of exam and I'M LATEEEEE !!!
Couldn't imagine that cause I would never want to be late for exams !!!
It was pretty jam yesterday, I was panicking in the car looking at the whole long stretch of cars not moving !!!
Exams are about to start when I'm still stuck at some highway !!!
There's a certain grace period for us to enter the hall but I don't even know if I can get through the jam, if I can't, that's it !! Can't even sit for the paper and I'm dragging Bunny with me !
But lucky enough, we were late but still on time to get in !

Walking in the hall feeling as nervous as ever, saw Gek Min in the hall !
Rather shocked, she was one of the invigilator !
Shocked + nervous, dropped my stuffs* Ugh !

Head to town with Bunny, as usual, we walk around town just for foods ^^
Finally get to satisfy all our cravings after not going out for 2weeks due to exams !
We ate alot ! We walked around for small bites like the "ice dog" which is the ice cream bread, it's my first time having bread with ice cream ! It's not that bad but I wouldn't want to have it alone !
Tried that jap strawberry mochi wrap, it's so tiny, for 3 bucks, it's not that nice cause it's soooo sweet ! Had onehoneh, some brown tea donuts as well !
All the foods were quite filling, luckily we're sharing !
Custard buns at Taste Paradise !
It's sooooo good (:
Like the best custard buns ever thou I didn't had much of custard buns, hahaha.
But definitely one of the best ? (:

Yes exams are over but I think not fully over ?
After like years, i finally decided to get done with m manicure exams !
To take this manicure exam, i've really tons of homework to complete !
I've to paint 50 nail tips, filed with different shapes in all french & red without top coat with cuticle curve !
Which means it must be painted very nicely, no flaws because I can't use top coat to cover it up !!!
Not only this, i've to finish 10 customers , 10 diff nail arts and 12hours of self study !

Omg, am I crazy or what ?
I'm just rushing it thru cause the last registration date is actually today !
But how to complete within like one day ! Luckily I've gotten some privilege !

Still, I got to get done with everything by 11th March and go for my exam ):
Hope i'll pass !

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