Thursday, March 29, 2012
And finally !!!! The happy day I longed for with J.

This picture pretty much summed up the day (:

Day till dawn !!!
Watched a show together but I can't remember the title, hahaa.

To fill us up !!
The portion is too huge !!!

Gelato ice cream sticks !! Finally found it !!! Had been wanting to try their sticks !!
So we got this special favourite dipped with dark chocolate (:
The joy of sharing ice-cream*

This pretty band is given by J !!

Can't stop taking pics of it !!

Till sunsets !
My poor baby went thru a photoshoot with me, heheheheee.
Despite of he's tiredness and that he got to wake up for school, he still insist on sending me back.
Love you love you xx

The next two days would be rather crazy for me.
Felt so torn !!! Hope things turns out to be alright !!
Blog about it soon (:
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