Thursday, March 8, 2012
As I'll be taking my manicure examination this coming Sunday..
I've lots of preparation work before going into the exam room !
But obviously I don't have time for so much, so i did all the last min work !
I'm so glad that I've my most awesome manicurist here with me to guide me patiently !
To wake up at as early as 7 30am just to prepare me for exam !

She's my manicurist teacher ever since I started learning manicure.
And she's the most meticulous one, she wants perfection in every step we take.
This is her passion. Only with passion, you're able to achieve the best outcome.

Let me share this with you girls who shares the same passion..
She's currently doing freelance manicure and teaching as well, so if you girls wanna pick up manicure, do approach her !

Manicurist's fb:
Manicurist's blog:
Quote "calista" to get discounts !

Look at some of her certificates, I believe this shows you her qualifications and professionalism being a manicurist right !

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