Saturday, March 3, 2012
Attended some make up class at SMU sponsored by JCM.

I've learnt quite abit there, like how do you choose the colours on your face, the amount of make up you should be using, which products are suitable for you etc..
I just learnt something, it's that it's important to put on primer if you're having your make ups on !

Supposed to be going for my manicure class but that previous class ended too late and I couldn't be on time for my next so I gave it a missed !
Went we look for Mummy instead !
Instock with her, but sadly there wasn't much clothes ! So it's quite a waste cause I dint get to instock my own clothes.

Headed to DTF for dinner again (:

Re-watched "you're the apple of my eye" with J at my place.
Really love the show ! Could re-watch it over and over again.
Guess it bought back some of my secondary school times we had together.
Those fun moments worth recalling, & when worries aren't much of a worry back then ?
Piggyback rides, laughters, cuddles..
It has been quite sometime since we spend time like these.
Simple but it's all I ask for.
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