Monday, April 16, 2012
And on the actually day...
It was as good as the day before !!!
I spent it with my favourite girl, and..she's bunny !!!!

We had lunch at Skinny Pizza, unique pizza but we don't really like it thou.
And our favourites !!

Bunny did some sweet stuffs, awww.
Bunny cookies, yumyummm, hellokitty memory book ? Hehehee ^^ glad to say that i dint regret piercing it (:
This lil bunny accompanied me, and waited for such a long timeeee !

The night ended with....

Gift from Beeeeee ! ^^

From KC !!
It's too cuteeeee !

Din with Veron ^^

And really thanks for all the sweet messages sent on the dot, (LYN, SIS, J, A..too much to mention !) all fb twitter wishes, those late meet up or gifts, (nixie prettybaby !!) & my ballet babes, it's really the thoughts the counts.
Love all of you !

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