Monday, April 16, 2012
I TURNED 19 !!!! WHAT ?! SO FAST ?!
Initially I wasn't even looking forward to celebrating my birthday because I don't even want to grow up !!

But everything turned out to be awesome, real awesome.
Headed out to Shangri-la for high tea buffet with Mummy & Sisters.
After filling our stomach they actually prepared cake to be served for me !!! Just ate so much, dint expect to have a birthday cake !!

Left Shangri-la to town, walked around and got some favourite buys too ! ^^

And one of the best part was the surprise turn up of J !!!
I was tired and I wanted to sleep early, so I slept before 12.
After sleeping for like an hour...
Dear came surprising me with a cheese tart ? Made by him !!!!
It's with cherries on the top forming a heart !!!
It taste so yummy, feels like a failure cause the one I made for him it's incomparable !
Dear i love youuuu ! Thanks for everything !!

I'm trying to catch up with time lately !
I neglected my twitter, facebook, friends, J, and my blog !!
Ok, just to fill up this space with some photos taken on my bday.
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