Thursday, May 10, 2012
Omg exmas are finally over !!! Can't believe it, don't know whether is it a good or a bad thing.
Good part that I survived thru and now it's the time for a getaway ! I can't wait !!!

I'm going to post up all the posts I've lost for the past weeks.
Right right, it's 2nd June. But allow me to adjust the date on my post to....10th May !!! That's really quite some time, hahaha.

Nana's green tea at Jcube with Bunny !!

Cute lil pack of cookies from Sharon, heheee so satisfying ^^

Their menu is rather limited.
But I really LOVEEEEE their foods there !!! Bunny likes it too !
Probably cause matcha is one of our favourite, never gets tired of it (:
And it's dessertssssss !!! The dessert we orders is like so cute, there's even matcha cake on the top !! Blogging about it really makes me wanna go there now !!

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