Thursday, June 21, 2012
Our last day in BKK !!

Woke up early in the morning wanting to go "Floating market", but i was too sick so we end up not going ):
I took some medicine and went back to sleep !
Luckily I was so much better after a few hours of sleep !! Recharged for more shopping time !!

Those morning faces with my cute lil sis.
Attempting to snap some different faces with her but it was quite a failure, hahahaa !

Since we've limited time left before our flight so we could travel any further.
So the optimal choice is to shop at Platinum again (in order to finish using the money*) hahaha.

Tried some of the food at the food court !
They uses some system which is a total hassle i feel, you've to purchase the amount of coupons you need in order to purchase, quite redundant !

So here's an ugly photo of me !!!
Which usually I won't upload it !

Some Jap restaurant at BKK's airport before our flight.
Doesn't taste as good as Sg's thou.

I don't know why i even get so many pouch when i already got alot.
But it's just too irresistible !!

My favourite HKitty screen protector !!!

Some of the stuffs I've gotten (:

Hehehee one of my favourite buy (:
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