Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Day 3 !! I've most photos taken on day 3 I think !!

Buffet for breakfast in the hotel !!
The spread of food is really too much for breakfast !

All those sleepy faces~

After 2days of intensive shopping...
A lil rest so that we could have more energy for more ! ^^

This photo is taken for Buuny ! ^^


They've Red Mango too ! ^^

In the cab to BKK's Chinatown ! (:

Nomnommm so much foods !!! That's why I puked*
I was probably feeling sick already, after having these makes me feel so so so sick.

Bird nest in different flavours !

Stall along Chinatown !

I think these foods sold along the street, only some are edible~

I had a bad night on the third day, was probably too tired !
Had problems falling asleep and woke up in the middle of the night cause I was feeling so uncomfortable that I need to puke !
Poor lil sis got to help me with it ):
Luckily it was the third day already !!

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