Friday, June 15, 2012
Taipei day 5


So more photos should be taken !!! Hahahaa ^^

Morning breakfast at Starbucks, just below our hotel (:
They've a larger variety of foods !!! So much better than Singapore's !

Their receipts are long and skinny, weird !

Breezy weather, makes the ice-cream taste nicer !!! Nomnommm*

Waffle ice-cream from their departmental store !

Nommnommm while shopping around !!

Then to this MovenPick cafe !! Love their menu !!! Didn't get to try their waffles cause we were too full ):
Missing their cookies & cream blend cause it taste minty without the strong taste of mint !!!

There's a simliar store in Sg at Clementi !!
It's the self service kind, then you can weigh and pay it, I find it rather interesting cause i like it self service !! So fun !! Hehehee ^^

Their tester in a tiny paper cup, so cute !!!


Bought some made-in-Taiwan's chocolate !!!
They've alot of flavours but dark chocolate is still the best !!! Especially those percentage between 65-75% !!

Heading to Shinlin night market !!!
BUT DAMN !! Look at how heavy was it rain !!!
Seriously raining cats & dogs !!!

Their drinks from the so called 7-11 in Sg are all so cute, they look so tempting that you just wanna buy them all !!! Or probably me only, hahahaa.

Bought bags of Taiwan specialty tibits in this store !!

After getting to Shinlin it was FOODS CLOTHES ACCESSORIES ALL THE WAYYYY !!
"Ice Sweet" Hu Lu, direct translation*

The looks disgusting food !! Hahaha.
Although most said that must try Taiwan's sausages or whatever chicken or pork cutlet ?
I didn't even want to try !!! Cause I dislike meatttttt !!!
But luckily I didn't like meat, or else how am i supposed to put them into my stomach !!!

Tried the Oyster Vermicelli which is known to be one of their must try food, but it was suh disappointment !! Taste so normal ?! What's the difference !!
Probably the one i had in Sg was better !!

Love all the different kinds of fried mushrooms !!
Taste so good !!! ^^

And finally we're gonna try their Smelly Beancurd !!
I think it taste not bad !!
But it's not like what I always heard from others ? Like thou it smells but tastes super good ?

I kind of like the taste of winter melon drink !!!
And I had this wintermelon drink with wintermelon jelly, SO YUMMYYYY !! SLURPS*

The amt of stuffs I bought back !!!
A store owner who's so much fairer than me said that I'm fairer !!!

Since it's the last night....
Supper is alright right ? (:
It was a Friday night and there's like clubs in the building we're staying, their Friday nights as compared to the usual nights are real unusual !

So much for the...last full day in Taipei & the last night in this hotel ?
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