Thursday, June 14, 2012
Taipei day4


Not much pictures thou.
It was a rainy day !! And we were just busy shopping and eating that we didn't bother to take much (:


Went to some jap restaurant near Wufenpu !!!
The grilled salmon !!! Yummyuummm*
Some photos taken when we are at Wufenpu !!
Not much photos are we were busy with our buys !!! Heheheeee

Till we head off to the Shinlin night market !!
All the food photos !!

The milk shaved ice with red bean !!

Scallops !

Just wanted to try this out thou we've tried it in Sg !!
No difference !!

This is yummyyyyy !

I miss their beancurds !!!!
Almost any dessert stall, the beancurds are all nice !!!

Cute lil puppies !

The fried milk stick ? ^^
Looks special and taste awesome !!!

Their various kinds of drinks ?

We end up getting lots of drinks too !!
Couldn't even drink it cause it's way too much !!!
Had a hard time carrying it back to the hotel too !!!

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