Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's been months ever since I last fill up the space here.
I never thought there'll be a day whereby i'll give up on blogging cause I used to love blogging so much more..
I love taking down all the lil details I've been through, be it good or bad, it'll always be part of the memories..
After so long, I guess I'm coming back again, decided to start keeping track of the days I've spent starting from the day I turned....20 ?
But I think the next time I'll write here would be in May after I finish my exams.
Remembering myself complaining how tough it is in DMS, now that I'm in degree, I really get to go through what's called tough...



Till death do us apart, & daddy too !!!
Love y'all soooo much ! Never ever feel less loved..
Really appreciate all your effort, just to see me smile ? (:
Thanks Mummy for giving me soooooo much, just too much for a gift & my cute sisters, never give up on searching gifts for me even thou it seem like I've everything already ?
To infinity & beyond !! ♥

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