Thursday, September 26, 2013
Awesome Sunday Brunch with the boy at Nine Thirty Awfully Chocolate
I had Souffle Omelette, it's kinda unique cause so far all the brunch places I went, they do not serve this kind of eggs~
Poached eggs are too common & I get tired after having half of it.

But their Fries was bad..
Not tasty at all................

Ma Maison
This is the typical Poached Eggs I mentioned, most cafe would have this for brunch !
I love their Tiramisu ! (Except for the top part cause it's covered with chocolate sauce & it's too sweet for my taste bud)
If the kind of Tiramisu you like is the less cream, cubes of sponge cake soaked in coffee liquor kind.
Try this (:

My favourite KitKat from Jezemine, all the way from Japan !

Samantha's "good" recommendation to District10 for the accompanied-by-beer kind of food for lunch really sucks, totally not my kind.
She even told me that their truffle mushroom pizza gave her orgasm -.-

This is why I always complain about my height, I just look way taller than other girls ):

My favourite kind of food for dinner !
I don't know why but Italian restaurants are my favourite place to dine in.
I like the way breads are served before food :x
I love Risottos & Tiramisu, maybe that's why I prefer Italian restaurants.

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