Saturday, November 9, 2013

Here's for a change !!
Brave up to shorten my fringe even moreeee + a change of hair colour to a hint of pink !! ( fav colour )

Bought Rex out for dinz & Sogurt for dessert heheeh

I think it's pretty obvious where are there from !
In case you don't know...
They're from "Strangers Reunion"!!
Had been wanting to try their waffles as many of them are raving about it.
Finally got to try them but it was a total disappointment...
The geek yogurt on top of the waffles actually makes the waffle soggy, usually I'll have my waffles with maple syrup no matter what else without the sweetness it's just not as yummy to me :x

Pictures are decieving....
The truffle fries is bad too !! Maybe it's just not to my likings ?
Had our main over there too, ordered this corn fritters but it really taste damn bad. It's like flour with corns...
Overall it was a bad experience for me, totally not worth the waiting time...
Will not go back for more~
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