Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tampopo's Black pig fried rice is awesome !!

Where are all these metals from ?

Something really gross...
So after 2years i finally brave up to remove the metal implants in my ankle...
For those who didn't know I had metal implants & why...
I fell down from the stairs at home & broke my bones ):
So I had an operation back then to fix my ankle.
Guess my bone is really that weak cause I only fell down from the 2nd step ):
The consequences of my clumsiness is to bear with the scar forever !!!

Seriously...on clutches again...
Periods of tortures for me.....
But life goes on hahahaa, still going for buffet with mummy despite being on clutches !!
Craziness, how am i going to get food and all ?!
Yes i'm still going for buffet at Conrad Hotel (: 

Buffet was ex yet mehhh to me ):
Personally prefer Shangri-la cause there's more premium desserts to me prolly cause i'm a dessert lover !

Made get well card for me ^^

Bangzz bangzzz wuth my lil girl (:

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