Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good things must be shared !!
This is probably one of the best thing to start sharing with this 2016.
I've found the best place to relax and let loose my hair !!
I was recommended by Jossie, she've been taking care of my lashes every since 2015 and I've always trusted her. So when she introduce me to Headlines I trust that my hair would be in good hands.

The environment over at Headlines make me feel so at ease whenever I'm there for my hair treatment.
Because most of the time you'll have to stay for hours in a salon so it's important that you visit a salon that you love to be in !

Hair Dyed and Mucota ABC Treatment done by EleinChong                                                                                                                 

I really love the colour she chose for me.
It's really ashy but it's not bleached. To be honest, this is my favourite colour thus far, super satisfied with the outcome for my first visit. Dint expect it, to be frank.

The ABC treatment Elein did for me smoothen my hair inside out and my hair is back to shine~
There's 3 steps to this treatment:

STEP 1) Mucota Scena Adel: moisture base for treatment that contains Maltose based Millet jelly and ceramide to improve hair condition. Adel keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair and creates best hair condition for treatment.
With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, it makes your hair soft and moist before the next step.

STEP 2) Mucota Scena Brava: Repair damaged hair and keep better condition. Brava contains reactive ceramide-like ingredients and it prevents them from flowing from hair so it's effective for repairing.

STEP 3) Mucota Scena Calore: Protect cuticle and get healthier hair. After repairing inside hair, Calore repairs cuticle damage to keep penetrated repair elements and improves beautiful luster.

My hair isn't always glossy and nicely curled, it comes with effort !!
Else I'll just look like a lion head.
This was how my hair look like before the change of colour and treatment.
The colour was a faded colour and my hair was really dry and fizzy.

Thanks Elein Chong for making my hair back to life.
Quote "Calista" to get 10 - 30% off hair services with Elein.

They're located at: 18 Cross St, 048423 
Call them to make an appointment: 6221 6866

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