Sunday, December 4, 2011
2th Dec
Took my Marketing paper, one more paper to go.

3th Dec
And yayyyy, Managerial Accounting will be my last paper.
I totally crapped all the ay for the papers, really hope I'll pass.

Daddy sent me home, and Mummy decided to take me to Bishan DTF for dinner.
As the past few days I didn't got the appetite for meals.
Daddy Mummy is damn nice, despite of my broken ankle they still take me out very often.
It's quite a burden taking care of me.
I finally realised how tiring it is to be dependent on my leg ):
This is like my first proper meal after operation, those no appetite feel really sucks.

4th Dec
Two more days and Daddy will be flying over again ):
No one to be behind my back when I crawl up the stairs, no one to check on me before I go to bed, no one to let me lean on when I'm tired..
I don't want Daddy to go ):
It's a Sunday & it's family day !
So we decided to go Paradise Dynasty for dinner again (:
With other more dishes, we always order the same few (:

Walked around after dinner, thou I was already damn tired but I'll press on ^^
Daddy kept asking me to go home and rest but I didn't want to.

Bought Awfully Chocolate and then to Starbucks for a rest.
Was really damnnnnnnnn tired.
After resting, I wanted to walk around more.
So we went to a few shops then to Dr Martens, the shoe I want is not here yetttt ):
In the end we got a guy's shirt (:

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