Tuesday, December 6, 2011
5th Dec
Ritz Carlton together with B ! ^^

I'm always a happy girl when I go for buffet cause I like scooping ice-cream for Mummy (:
But this time round I can't ):

My leg wrapped, with crutches....
Why am I even there for buffet when I can't even hold my own plate !

Anw there are still lots of foods that i don't take.
Here are some photos from my phone, haven't get to upload those in my dslr.

Daddy will be going back tomorrow )))):

6th Dec
So Daddy is off ):
B together with sis, sent me to Mt Alvernia for my follow up.
I chose to remove my cast, seriously can't be bothered.
I don't even want whatever protection on it, it's so weird & heavy.
I hate my leg, it really looks horrible.
I couldn't even recognise my own leg, it's all covered with bruises..

After that B & Sister bought me lunch and sent me home.
But not long after sis called and ask me to get prepared as B is coming over to fetch me out.
I was like huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
Hahaha, but I followed him and they bought me to another meal, so sweeeeeeet.
It's a damn burden to go out with me now.
Hate it because it's beyond my means to bring trouble to others ):

For some reasons I've to go back to the hospital again, so Mummy sent me there.
After that we went to Hans for tea break and back home !
Johanna came to visit me !
And she gave me this......

So sweet of her right, it's actually some kind of blessings from her.
She's always here since we're 11 years old, awesome friend I'll never want to lose !
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